Water Conservation

08-27-08 Impact Sprinkler Conversion Project Now Complete
A two year study has been completed to determine the potential benefits of switching from a calendar-based irrigation with impact sprinklers to irrigation on demand with micro sprinklers or drip as scheduled by soil moisture monitoring. For an indepth analysis and review of the Impact Sprinkler Conversion Project, please click here for the report. Please be aware this is a large PDF file (1.85 MB).

Conservation of water is taken seriously at Farmers Irrigation District. Our philosophy is to achieve a balance between the needs of agriculture and society as well as the natural world. We strive to reach this goal by educating our users about irrigating efficiently through knowledge of: efficiency evaluations, irrigation scheduling, application techniques, crop demand knowledge, drought tolerant plants, and actual use determination. Soil moisture sensors provide scientific data to help manage optimal water application. We encourage interested users to use them. Upgrades of our system, such as converting open canals, wood stave pipes, and concrete pipes lines to more modern pipe types realizes huge water savings, and eliminates loss by seepage and evaporation. Ultimately, the entire district will be piped and pressurized; projects to this end are being completed as funds become available. Also, flow regulators and flow meters installed at each point of delivery encourage users to pursue efficient irrigation practices. The sprinkler exchange program provides state-of-the-art, efficient sprinkler heads at no cost to our residential users.

As our customers implement these new technologies or, at a minimum, restore existing pipe systems to a state of proper repair, a considerable quantity of water will be saved.

Agriculture in Hood River County is a $40 million industry and has a positive influence on the state and national economy. A carefully developed water conservation program will help to enhance agricultural economic stability.

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