Sprinkler Exchange Program

The choice of sprinkler heads has a huge impact on the efficiency of water application. Many sprinkler heads require large volumes of water at a given pressure just to operate. This can result in over watering, wasting a valuable resource as well as leaching the soil of nutrients. This effectively decreases productivity and could even cause the homeowner to surpass the legal right in violation of the law.

Micro sprinkler in actionFarmers Irrigation District has implemented a sprinkler exchange program to help its homeowners stay within their water right without compromising the productivity, health, and beauty of irrigable land. These micro-sprinklers cover a 360 degree radius. The micro sprinklers are comparable to higher flow heads but use far less water. These sprinkler heads are free to our users with the exchange of the outdated, inefficient models. For further information, contact our irrigation service and repair line at 541-387-5261. Staff will help determine your best options.

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