Deadpoint Project - Farmers Screen (2011)

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In October 2011, the original Farmers Irrigation District Deadpoint fish screen was washed out and deformed by flood waters. The District retained the services of FCA to restore the Deadpoint diversion site and install a Farmers Screen to ensure reliable, fish-safe diversion even under high flow conditions. The new screen is installed with drain curtains to manage ground water, and heavy ballasts to overcome the buoyant force of flood water that might, from time to time, inundate the screen. As with all FCA Farmers Screens, this Deadpoint screen installation manages debris and protects fish without the need of power or moving parts.

Deadpoint Fish Screen

Deadpoint Creek is screened by a highly efficient, zero-to-extremely low maintenance fish friendly Farmers Screen. The fish/debris return allows water, fish, and debris to sweep off of the end of the screen and into a plunge pool where fish are quickly returned to Deadpoint Creek in a matter of seconds. Water is diverted out of Deadpoint Creek for agriculture and hydropower generation.


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