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Public Notice
Throughout the area in which Farmers Irrigation District (FID) operates public traffic and activities that encroach on FID’s easements, property, and infrastructure are becoming a serious concern to FID’s operations and safety.
Consequently, until further notice “No Trespassing” signs will be posted on FID property where a concern for public safety and protection of sensitive infrastructure is mandated.  Specifically, FID plans to post signs on its dams, spillways, canal banks, pipelines, bridges, power plants, and water diversions.
Of particular concern to FID is Kingsley Reservoir dams and spillways. Due to growing public safety concerns, costs, and responsibility associated with dam maintenance and repair, FID has closed all traffic on Upper and Lower Kingsley Reservoir dams and spillways until further notice. Violation of these “No Trespassing” restrictions can result in criminal prosecution and fines in excess of $1,000 per occurrence. 

01-26-16 - EPA Produces Promotional Video Featuring FID
The Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) has been providing loans to convert open, earthen irrigation ditches to a pressurized and piped system in the Farmers Irrigation District (FID) for the past several years. Most recently FID also began using the CWSRF loans to purchase equipment for production of clean, renewable energy through micro-hydroelectric generation. (Click here to watch the promotional video on YouTube)

All told, just over $36.2 million dollars of CWSRF funds were disbursed to FID in seven years. Results of the full project are:

12-16-15 - Jer Camarata and FID Board Announce New Manager
The following letter is an announcement from Jer Camarata announcing new manager Les Perkins:

Dear collegues and friends, I am stepping down from my position at Farmers ID (FID) to accept a new challenge in Central Oregon. I have accepted the Swalley ID general management position and will assume the office effective January 4th, 2016. I have made this decision so that I can be closer to my family and take on the exciting challenges that the High Desert offers. I have greatly enjoyed living in Hood River for the last 7 years, but Bend has long been my true home and I am thrilled to return. The FID and Swalley mission to provide irrigation and energy service for the common good are essentially one in the same. I am very happy to continue my service of promoting the protection and use of water rights and wise stewardship of our water resources. We have many challenges before us, but I have no doubt that our collective efforts will do good for the benefit of the whole.

FID is a progressive, model, world-class operation and it has been an honor and privilege to serve such an outstanding organization. I am tremendously proud of the accomplishments of our district and the level of commitment exhibited by our employees and board every day - from the board, to crew and staff on the front line, to support staff and on through the professional ranks.

I am very pleased to announce that Les Perkins has been named the new FID general manager. I have no doubt that Les will serve us very well. Les and I will have some overlap of duties beginning November 2nd, 2015 but Les will take the full FID reins starting January 1st, 2016. It has been a true privilege to serve, and I am very excited to have Les Perkins at the helm, continuing our good work.

Very Sincerely,

Jer Camarata

Canal Safety Notice

Canals are inherently dangerous and should not be used for recreational activities. Even if the water appears smooth and calm, there are many areas where the current can swiftly pull a pet or individual under - especially a child. The Farmers Canal, canal bank, and canal access roads near your house are considered private property and are not for public use.

  • Never swim in irrigation canals.
  • Keep young children and pets away from canals and canal banks.
  • Never jump into canals to rescue pets.
  • Do not play near or on canal banks. Do not drive, ride bikes, or ride horses on canal banks. Canal banks are steep, slippery, and very sensitive to all types of traffic!
  • Call (541)-387-5261 immediately should something happen!

The Farmers Canal near or on your property also poses an inherent risk to workers or people on ATVs, tractors, or trucks that could inadvertently roll into the canal. Should any type of vehicle or machinery ever accidentally end up in the canal, please call Farmers Irrigation District immediately as:

  • The canal could become blocked, and a resulting canal bank over toping can cause massive property damage while also threatening lives.
  • Fuel could spill and harm fruit trees, crops, and livestock that depend on clean water.
  • Call (541)-387-5261 immediately should something happen!

Further, the Farmers Canal near your home is very old. Originally built 114 years ago, it has experienced many types of damage. During the January, 2012 Ice Storm, hundreds of falling trees compromised the integrity of many parts of the canal bank. Because of these numerous factors, FID staff are using extreme caution through low-impact canal maintenance and operation techniques. FID is aggressively working towards enclosing the Farmers Canal safely in pipe to avoid future issues, and we appreciate your support. If you have any questions, we encourage you to call us and ask!

FID Inquiries 541-387-5261

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