Farmers Irrigation District Policies

01-20-11 - FINAL Revised Version of the Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP)
The Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) has issued its final order approving the updated Farmers Irrigation District Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP). The District wrote the first irrigation district WMCP to be approved by OWRD back in March 1995. The 1995 plan guided the district to complete its irrigation pressurization project in March 2010.

07-12-10 - DRAFT Water Management and Conservation Plan (WMCP)
The Farmers Irrigation has drafted a new Water Management and Conservation Plan to be submitted for adoption to the Oregon Water Resources Department. We invite your comments, and will keep the comment period open until at least August 10, 2010.

Please submit your comments in writing via email to If you have questions, feel free to contact FID at 541-387-5261. Any questions or comments are greatly appreciated.

The first link is the DRAFT WMCP, and the following files are the supporting certificates, permits, and water rights.

The following policies are PDF files.


Contract Review Board Policy

Personnel Policy (updated August 2014)

Sustainability Plan (updated 02-03-14)

Pressurization, Construction, and O&M Policy (updated October 2013)
This PDF file provide guidelines for the construction, operation, and maintenance of the Farmers Irrigation District (District) pressure pipe system. Information regarding the administration of District water rights and billings is also included. The content of this document is guided by the District’s sustainability plan, which is the source document for all District activities, policy, and direction. Other documents related to this one include the District’s Contract Review Board policy and 1995 conservation plan.

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