Farmers Irrigation District strives to promote ecologically, socially, and economically
                                                                                         sustainable agriculture by providing energy and irrigation service for the common good

Service Area

Water Sources
Our primary water source flows from the Kingsley Reservoir located 10 miles west of Hood River. Our service area is divided into three sections: the Upper Section, Middle Section, and the Lower Section. Please visit our District Map page for a visual look of each section.

mT Hood over Kingsley Reservoir Upper Section
Kingsley Reservoir with Mt Hood to the south. Water flows to the Upper Section from the Upper and Lower Green Point Reservoirs, which are commonly known as the Kingsley Reservoirs, located about 10 miles southwest of the City of Hood River. The reservoirs are filled each year from Gate Creek. The lower reservoir has 288 acre-feet of storage capacity and the upper reservoir has 715 acre-feet of storage. The reservoirs, Cabin Creek & Gate Creek provide water for the Upper Section. The reservoirs are normally snowed in during the winter months, ODFW usually stocks the upper reservoir with trout for fishing sometime late April. No motorized boats are allowed on the reservoirs. Water from Kingsley Reservoir flows down Ditch Creek to the Highline Diversion and then through the Highline Pipeline to Upper District water users.

Middle Section
The Low Line pipeline conveys water from North Green Point Creek and Dead Point Creek to forebay 3 then via various pipe lines to Middle District water users.

Lower Section
The Famers Canal is used to convey water from the Hood River for irrigation use for the Lower District. The Farmers Canal Diversion is located at river mile 11.4 on the Hood River.

To see a larger, more detailed view of the map with interactive features, click here (new browser window). Water for the Upper Section is delivered from the Kingsley Reservoir. Lowline Canal conveys water to the Middle Section and water for the Lower Section is delivered via the Farmers Canal. Irrigation delivery starts April 15th and runs until September 30th.

fid boundary map