Farmers Irrigation District strives to promote ecologically, socially, and economically
                                                                                         sustainable agriculture by providing energy and irrigation service for the common good

The District Today

Farmers Irrigation District is located in Hood River, Oregon, in the beautiful, culturally rich Columbia River Gorge. It is a nonprofit government agency founded in 1874. Water is provided to over 5,800 acres of land, both residential and agricultural. The Hood River Valley produces large quantities of high value pears, apples, cherries, and wine grapes

Serving the Northern Hood River Valley since 1874.

System Notification: Irrigation season ends September 30th. All irrigation water usage must end on or before that date.

System Notification: There has been a serious break in the Puccinelli line (lower end of Tucker Road). Repairs will be extensive. District water will not be available to patrons off this line for the rest of irrigation season.

System Notification: FID's system will be shutdown for required maintenance from October 1st through October 15th. Spray water will not be available to the Lower District during that time. Spray water availability for all districts will end November 15th.