Temporary Pumping Station - Summer 2004

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A temporary pump station was established in the summer of 2004 to provide full irrigation flow to Farmers Irrigation District water users when the Farmers Canal Flume failed due to the after effects of an earthquake. Three very large electric pumps were flown to Hood River from New Jersey, and many community professionals and agency people helped the District restore water delivery in about one week. An extremely cooperative couple living along the river allowed the District to utilize the best site for pump installation, and over 1,000 people were able to receive water for the balance of the season due to the kindness of these community-minded people.

  • Bringing In A Temp Transformer For Power
  • Temporary Electrical Panels For Pumps
  • Temporary Pumps In Place And Ready To Start Pumping
  • The Temporary Screen Box Arrives To The Site
  • Holes In The End Of The Temp Screen Box For Intake Pipes
  • Hooking The Intake Pipes To The Temp Screen Box
  • The Temp Screen Box With Intake Pipes Attached And In The River Ready To Go
  • Temporary Pumps Sending Water Into The Canal
  • After The Temp Pumps Were Removed The Site Was Cleaned Up As If We Had Never Been There
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