LDPP - Schull Drive Pump Station 2009

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This 16-inch line connected to the new, high-efficiency, variable frequency drive pump station that provides pressure water to Schull Drive, Hood River Valley High School, Indian Creek Golf Course, vonLubken Orchards, and residents around the Hood River Airport.

  • 16" PVC pipe connected to the new high-efficiency VFD pump system
  • 16" PVC pip to 16" ductiile iron intertie for Farmers Canal Crossing at Forbay 2
  • View west at intertie looking toward Farmers Canal crossing for pump connection
  • New Schull pump station with motors ready to set in place
  • Pump filter manifold set in controlled density fill for thrust restraint
  • Pump filter motor cleaning valves
  • Inserting the pumps into the wet well
  • A one chance view of the pumps in the wet well
  • Pumps and motors in place as expertly constructed by Kerr Contractors
  • Schull Drive pumps ready for irrigation action
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