Forebay 2 Retrofit Project

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The Forebay 2 Retrofit Project is an extension of the Indian Creek Corridor Project (ICCP) and the Lower District Pressurization Project (LDPP). This project resulted in a new, highly efficient inlet facility for the LDPP and the ICCP. The project was funded by a $1,000,000 low-interest loan from the ODEQ SRF Loan Program. Out of the $1,000,000, $300,000 are considered a grant, and the remaining $700,000 loan is payable over 20 years. This new Forebay 2 Farmers Screen inlet facility eliminates debris from the irrigation and hydroelectric forebay, thus decreasing the load on the District's automated irrigation water filters. The project conserves water, increases hydropower revenue, and greatly reduces impact on Indian Creek.

  • Forebay 2 Inlet Facility - Farmers Screen
    The Forebay 2 Debris Screen has no moving parts and operates exactly as our other Farmers Screens do. The screen minimizes staff operation and maintenance during heavy leaf season, conserves water, reduces impact on Indian Creek, and enhances the District's hydropower operation.
  • Water collection in the forebay where it will flow directly into the irrigation pumps. Read more below...
    Forebay 2 is the receiving pond and equalizing reservoir for the Farmers Canal water, all of which flows from Forebay 2 into the irrigation pump bay or the hydroelectric system, depending on irrigation demand. Prior to completion of the Indian Creek Corridor Project and the Lower District Pressurization Project, irrigation water flowed from the forebay into open canals, wasting up to 40 percent of the available water. Now, all water collects in the forebay and flows directly into the irrigation pumps or the hydroelectric system with no waste. In this image, the rebar mat for the footing and the separation wall is beginning to take shape. The coffer dam, to the right of the rebar mat, isolates the construction site from the forebay water. The construction bypass pipe, which conveys Farmers Canal water to the forebay during construction, can be observed near the upper right of the photo.
  • Rebar layout - read more below...
    This intricate array of rebar will become the footing for the junction box connecting the Farmers Canal to the dual 54-inch emergency bypass pipes. The emergency bypass pipes are necessary to ensure safe canal operation in the event of winter freezing or hydroelectric plant bypass valve failures. The concrete vault in the upper center of the photo is the primary junction box for the 4160 kilovolt transmission line from Plant 3 to the Farmers ID substation.
  • Pouring the concrete separation wall between Forebay 2 and the new ICC and LDPP inlet facility
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