Emmon's Pipe Project - November 2005

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The Farmers Irrigation District's Sustainability Policy Plan calls for the complete piping of the irrigation collecton and distribution systems. This will maximize water conservation and help ensure sustainable farming practices. The Farmers Canal is mostly open ditch, but the long term plan is to convert the entire 25,000 feet of the canal to large diameter pipe. About 3,000 feet of the Farmers Canal has now been piped, and the Emmons Project represents a major reach of this comprehensive project. The Emmons Pipe Project was started October 4, 2005 and was completed in November 2005. The photos below show the process of the entire project:

  • Previously open ditch Farmers Canal
  • Construction of the new gravity fed piping system
  • Emmons Pipe Project
  • 48" main line being installede
  • Completion of access road
  • Emmons Pipe Project
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