Ditch Creek Project - November 2005

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The Ditch Creek Project was a large project on Farmers Canal that required the removal of a flume and realignment of an access road so that this section of open canal could be converted to large-diameter pipe. Two small culverts that in the past allowed Ditch Creek to pass under the flume were replaced by a 72" metal culvert. A temporary 24" culvert was put in place to convey water through the work zone. This temporary culvert was removed once the 72" culvert was installed. Large-diameter, 48" PVC pipe is now used to convey the Farmers Canal water over the Ditch Creek crossing. The old flume has been dismantled and the site restored with riparian vegetation. As well, in an effort to offset some of the negative impacts of construction, additional riparian and passage restoration work has been completed on other segments of Ditch Creek.

  • An Overview Of The Ditch Creek Project
  • Unloading 48" PVC Pipe
  • 48" Main Line Being Installed
  • Road Preparation
  • Flume That Will Be Dismantled
  • Temporary 24" Culvert Conveying Water Through The Work Zone
  • Leaky Flume!
  • Completed Ditch Creek Project
  • Completed Ditch Creek Project
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