Davenport Screen - 2002

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The Davenport Screen was built in 2002. It is a revolutionary, internationally patented structure, conceptualized by some of our staff and prompted by our desire to strive for sustainability. The basic principle is simple; water percolates through the screen, while the velocity of the water flowing across flushes fish safely past the screen, along with debris. The result is a low cost, low maintenance, fish friendly screen that is extremely effective.

  • Prep Work Begins At The New Davenport Screen Site
  • Concrete Walls And Floor Done.
  • A Crew Member With SMF Works On Cutting Steel.
  • A Crew Member With SMF Works On Screen Sub-structure.
  • Interior Wall
  • A Very Busy Job Site
  • All That's Left To Do Is Landscaping
  • Site Where The Fish Return Channel Will Connect From Fish Screen To Joe's Creek
  • Work Begins On The New Channel
  • Site Where The Fish Return Pool Will Be Constructed
  • Excavating For The New Return Channel
  • Lining The New Fish Return Channel With A Clay Liner
  • Cobbles And Woody Debris In Place, Ready For Water
  • The First Water Running Through The Fish Return Channel
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